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Urgent Appeal for Housing Emerald Isle Immigration Center

J1 Students Housing shortage

Over 1,700 Irish students are expected to pass through New York airports over the coming days as part of the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program.
Many will filter through areas in New York, such as Montauk and the Hamptons, areas of New Jersey, Connecticut and some will travel further to Ocean City, Maryland, Chicago and Boston. However, a large number are expected to stay in the immediate New York area. In advance of the J1 summer arrivals EIIC has assigned a staffer to assist with preparations. Niamh Walsh has spent a number of weeks preparing for their arrival by networking with employers and reaching out for any accommodation options.
Housing remains a major issue in the New York City area. If you can please consider renting a room, apartment or house. If you have listings please call us 718-478-5502 Queens or 718-324-3039 Bronx or your local Irish center in New York immediately. The highest number of students is expected to arrive this coming weekend and we are anticipating that many will not have sorted accommodation options in advance.
While the EIIC lists some temporary accommodation in New York on our official J1 guide and at our office, pricing would likely be a barrier for many students. Internship USA offers two-week stays at $1,077 for a single room, or the equivalent of $76 per night.
Internship USA in the past offered monthly accommodation for $1600 per month for a single room or $1300 per month for a double room. If students want to take a double room for 3 months, $3900 is required upfront which is unachievable for most. Although this might seem reasonable for temporary accommodation in Manhattan, it goes far beyond the means of most J1 students.
Here at EIIC, we hope that partnerships can be built with new entities so that more accessible housing can be made available during the summer months. The Emerald Isle Immigration Center will hold daily J1 orientation meetings at our Queens and Bronx Offices, 2pm-4pm Monday – Thursday and 1-3 pm on Fridays, starting June 3rd 2014.
The EIIC J1 Networking and Orientation Meeting in the Consulate General of Ireland will take place on June 2nd from 4-6 pm at 345 Park Ave, 17th Floor in Manhattan at 4pm. Photo ID will be required to enter the building.
Students are encouraged to bring their important documents, such as passports and social security cards, so that spare copies can be made and held there in case of an emergency.
Further details can be found on our website
EIIC Bronx Office
4275 Katonah Avenue, Bronx, NY 10470    Phone: 718-324-3039
EIIC Queens Office
59-26 Woodside Avenue, 2nd Floor, Woodside, NY 11377   Phone 718-478-5502