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Wells For Life-Founder Nike Jordan will Chat with me on Saturday-Nov-29th

The origin of Wells of Life is an interesting and compelling story about one man who knew firsthand what it was like to grow up without clean, running water. His memories of early childhood, walking to a water well with his mother in County Wexford, Ireland,
set the stage in later years for the creation of Wells of Life. Nicholas Jordan is this man whose life
mission is to bring clean water and hope to the villagers of Uganda. 

Wells of Life works in association with Fields of Life, an NGO based in Ireland with a 20-year track record of working with developing communities in East Africa. As our partner in the drilling process, we receive the very best local knowledge and expertise in placing sustainable wells. Our overhead is raised independently of our donors’ contributions through an annual fundraiser and by private donations. This allows our contributors the ability to have 100% of their donation fund the production of a well.

Wells of Life President Nick Jordan speaks. At there recent GALA
“Tonight, Wells of Life unites the world across two continents and shows the
power of giving and receiving. Every drop matters and every dollar makes a
difference. Our children inspire us to do what's necessary to bring clean
water to those who need this precious resource.“ – Nick Jordan